Become a Florida Bail Agent

Before you begin the process of becoming a licensed bail agent, you must first determine if you are qualified.

To review the qualifications and licensing information for this license, Click Here or call the Florida Department of Financial Services at 850/413-3137 ext. 1101.

Following is a brief outline of the steps required to become a licensed surety agent in Florida:

  • (1) Take and pass an approved 120-hour course.
  • (2) Take and pass an approved correspondence course. (This class is given through the University of Florida. Call (800) 327-4218 and ask for information on INS 3 – Bail & Bail Bond Insurance in Florida.)
  • (3) Submit an application for temporary agent license and undergo a background check.
  • (4) Complete a one-year internship under a licensed bail agent.
  • (5) Pass a final exam given by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Steps (1) and (2) should be completed first and you may take these classes in any order you wish.

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